'Robust Rob'

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Model NS-993
Color Pearl Red
Type Millstone Method (Masticating)
Speed Low Speed (80rpm)
Power Consumption  240W
Rated Voltage 240V
Size 245 x 165 x 435(H) mm
Weight 7KG
Capacity 1000ml
Maximum Use Less than 30 minutes
Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC

*comes with Smart Cap

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'Robust Rob'

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“Robust Rob” is one of the boys in the Kuvings family. Like the other boys, Rob is a workhorse and loves working out. This routine, allows him to develop a strong masculine body. His fresh Royal Red color makes him stand out in any kitchen. Rob wears a SmartCap when working out. The patented SmartCap from Kuvings, helps you to keep your juice inside the juice bowl, and mixes any multi-fruit-vegetable concoction before release. Easy to maintain, and no fuss cleaning makes Rob an ideal addition for any  healthy household. 

Like all other juicers in the Kuvings family, Rob will work flawlessly for the next 10 years if you follow the usage guideline (maximum of 30 minutes continuous motor run). If on the rare occassion, Rob's motor fail before he reaches 10 years old, you need only to send him back to Kuvings Malaysia.  Our experts will conduct a healthcheck on Rob. Once they're done, you will be invited to take him home, fully rejuvenated, at no cost to you.  Rob will remain robust and is able to serve you beyond 10 years. You can purchase KuvingsCare extended warranty to ensure Rob serves you upto 20 years.

Kuvings SmartCap in Action

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