'Joe Junior'

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ColorPremium Chrome 
TypeMillstone Method (Masticating)
Power Consumption 240W
Rated Voltage240V
Size14.1 x 12.5 x 11.4(H) inches
Maximum UseLess than 30 minutes
MaterialsABS, PC

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'Joe Junior'

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"Joe Junior" is the baby in the family. Joe is light, and easy to carry around. For people who loves to juice long leafy vegetables, Joe Junior is the ideal juicer for you. Though he may be small in size, Joe is very talented. If you choose Joe, you will receive a full set of adapters to help you  make healthy home-made noodles, delicious sorbet, and nuts.

As the youngest member in the Kuvings family, Joe inherrited strong genes from his predecessors. He will work flawlessly for the next 10 years as long as you do not abuse him and follow the usage guideline (maximum of 30 minutes continuous motor run). If on the rare occassion, Joe's motor fail before he reaches 10 years old, you need only to send him back to Kuvings Malaysia.  Our experts will conduct a healthcheck on him. Once they're done, you will be invited to take Joe home, fully rejuvenated, at no cost to you.  Joe is loyal and won't stop making juices for your family beyond 10 years. If you care about Joe,  purchase KuvingsCare extended warranty to ensure he continues to serve you upto 20 years.


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