A Mother’s Secret Weapon: The Kuvings Silent Juicer

A Mother’s Secret Weapon: The Kuvings Silent Juicer

(Article # 1 - Sunday 12 May 2013)


In the evening, most stay at home mothers are out flat, once the crunch time is over. Crunch time normally means dealing with whinny children who need to be fed, bath and put in bed by a decent time. This is easier said than done, and is normally made more challenging when energy levels are at an all time low; and all you want is to have your own bath and knock off with a good book in hand. Note: you’d most likely never get past the first page of the book!

This daily routine gets further compounded when you throw in the mix of having to work to earn a pay check or just work because you love your profession. In today’s society, working mothers have multi-facetted responsibilities and sometimes, something has got to give.

In a research done by University Technologi MARA, Malaysian mothers often cite the lack of time, the distance from work and exhaustion as reasons why they are unable to cook for their families.

Even stay at home mothers who have to ferry their children to and fro school and other activities, find it a challenge to find the time to do their grocery shopping and meal planning. Time required for cooking three-square meals a day is precious, and with breakfast being the most important, this is often the most neglected meal.

According to Michelle Chua, a work-from-home mother, “I have to resort to convenience, which becomes a necessary evil when I’m too exhausted to cook, hence like many mother’s I normally tapau food, especially for dinner. In Malaysia, I have so many tempting choices and sometimes buying food is cheaper; and I don’t have to clean up. But with the compromise, comes little control over the quality of food my family consumes”.

Unfortunately, to maximise profit margins, most restaurants will opt for more economical ingredients; often using artificial colourings, flavourings and additives that help with food preservation to keep the cost down. As such, many working mothers and their families are consuming meals that are not only nutritionally deficient, but may contain unhealthy ingredients.

In today’s modern lifestyle, not many families are consuming enough fruits and vegetables, and even if they do, often times it is drenched in oil and cooked longer than required, killing vital enzymes and nutrients. Ultimately, the overall healthy condition of those at home can be jeopardised. Mother’s who already have low energy levels will end up trying to supplement with vitamins that come from a bottle.

A natural way to increase energy levels and boost ones immunity is to consume wholesome food that is unprocessed. For the busy mum, a smarter and faster way to achieve this, is by using a Kuvings Silent Juice, which is a revolutionary must have kitchen accessory. 

The Kuvings Silent Juicer enables mothers to quickly prepare delicious juices made from fresh fruits, vegetables and even herbs. It works by slowly squeezing and extracting the precious liquids from fruits, vegetables and herbs without killing or destroying the enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Hence, everyone in the family can quickly start the simple habit of having their daily dose of vegetables and fruits in a faster and more convenient way; without mum having to cook.

For toddlers, eating raw vegetable or even cooked vegetables can sometimes be a challenging task for mothers. But with this secret weapon in hand, the Kuvings Silent Juicer allows mums to sneak raw vegetables into their juice, prepare healthy desserts and even non-dairy milk. The versatility of the Kuvings Silent Juicer and the health benefits that you can give to each and everyone in your family is definitely worth the investment. 

Question 1:  Why is the Kuvings Silent Juicer a worthwhile investment?